The Post Office gives out free boxes. Why don't you just get them, it would be cheaper!

     For those of you who keep suggesting that I use the pre-printed, ink covered, bleached fiber based free priority mail boxes from USPS; you are missing the concept.  I recycle.  I prefer NOT to create even more boxes.

Ok, I have checked out the usps website. I think I have it figured out.  While I may order and get free boxes with the USPS priority logo, there ARE conditions and restrictions.

there are two primary types of free packaging: envelope and box.
  • Flat rate Envelope - $4.95
  • Flat rate Box - $9.80

     Flat rate envelopes are useless for most of what I sell.   For two reasons, the first, is that its an envelope, and most things I sell wont fit in an envelope. The second reason is that these envelopes are pasteboard type cardboard, just like your cereal box; and primarily meant for documents.

Of the free boxes I can get, there are two types:
  • Flat Rate box - $9.80
  • Standard Priority box - standard priority rates.
Usage requires shipping at PRIORITY rates, not the Cheaper parcel post rates. For exampe: 1.7 pounds from zip 46350 to zip 80227
  • Pri. flat rate 2 Day(s) $9.80
  • Priority MailŪ 2 Day(s) $6.80
  • Parcel Post 6 Day(s) $5.84
As you can see, the free box will end up costing several dollars more.

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